A Professional Revering Caring Service

Could not ask for a more professional revering caring service during such a difficult time. We lost our mother in law suddenly late on 30th December and contacted ACFS on 31st December. By 11am organiser Giovanni was at our home and in two short hours everything was organised.
Flowers, cards, cars, church, cemetery, musician and singer... everything. We were overwhelmed being holiday season how fast everything was organised. Last night, the night before the funeral, we had a private viewing and prayer session at their premises. Our late mother in law looked so beautiful, so peaceful, from her blow dried hair, lipstick and painted nails to the way she was dressed with so much care. They even coloured her grey hair. It gave us all peace to see her so pretty. The funeral was today Wednesday 4th January 2017. Everything ran on time and to perfection, from church to burial. Thank you Father Richard at St Charles for a beautiful service, thank you Mathew Dal Cin for your angelic voice, thank you Caterina from Sent from Heaven and thank you Adrian, Vince, Maria and staff for being the true professionals you are, so genuine and sincere. To Giovanni, who was our organiser we cannot thank you enough for your attention to detail and level of care. There are no words to express our gratitude.

Anna Liucci